Concept Connect speciallised in assisting early, expansion and mature stage companies with equity capital raising solutions.
For companies seeking to raise between $250K and up to $5 million, Carina Capital introduces you to a capital raising solution where you are:

         The majority shareholder, meaning you have control over the future of your business
         Guided on what percentage of the business to allocate to raising the funds for expansion
         Utilising a capital raising process which complies with the laws, rules and regulations required by ASIC
         Provided with an understanding of how to value your business in the capital raising process

Commonly raising capital for early and expansion stage companies is dependent on the directors of the business.  Now Carina Capital also brings a network which includes:

         Private Investors
         Wholesale and professional investors
         High net worth individuals
         Venture Capital Funds
         Private Equity Funds
         Specialist Financiers

If you would like to explore your company's potential for raising capital, trade sale or
strategic development, please fill out our enquiry form belo or
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For growth companies, capital raising is an important component of accelerating growth and developing the business's infrastructure.  We provide advice on establishing a sound business base to facilitate fundraising and long term strategic plans.  We can assist your business in the following areas:

         Defining clear corporate strategy
         Developing an Information Memorandum or Business Plan
         Compliant private capital raising
         Capital Raising facilitation