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Carina Capital is a professional Corporate Advisory firm providing quality services and information to individuals and businesses.

We specialise in raising venture capital for business expansion, mergers and acquisitions and exit strategies for small to medium businesses including early stage and emerging technologies.

Our services are based on research identifying the best available information, tools and techniques in the global market which have been universally shown to contribute to business success.

We are also well placed to bring a wealth of business experience and learning to you and your business and we are passionate in our desire to help you achieve your maximum potential and experience the joy of success both personal and business.
Corporate Advisor 
What's in it for You?

Realise the full potential of your business

  Achieve business growth

Increase your bottom line

  Realise maximum value for your business

  Maximise your business success

  Outstanding value for money

World's best practice in corporate advisory services

  Tried and proven ideas and techniques

Professional delivery of services

  Hands on business experience

  Customised solutions for your business needs

  We partner with you to achieve the outcomes you want

We also work with the Best to bring knowledge, skills and inspiration to a wide audience.

  Recent Speaking Engagements 
      CPA Australia - CPA Congress 2005, NSW
      CPA Australia - Mining & Energy Conference 2005, QLD
      CPA Australia - Finance Workforce Planning 2005 NSW & QLD
      Department of State & Regional Development (DSRD) - Seminar presentations 2004 and 2005
      CPA Australia - Centering on Excellence  May 2006, NSW, Master Class
      CPA Australia - Continuing Professional Development Session QLD May 2006
      MBE Education - Start in Business, April 2009

      BRW October 2005 - Letter of the Week

   Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers - article in August 2005 Newsletter
   SME Boardroom Newsletter September 201 0-article Raising Capital to Grow Your Business 

   DSRD - Mentor for Women in Business Program 2004
      BASI - Community Spirit Award 2004

Connecting people and businesses with information, skills and tools to maximise success.
Ingrid Postema 
CPA, BComm (Actg), Master Coach, Master NLP,

    Ingrid has 20 years business experience including Executive and Board level roles and as a Business      Owner.  She has experience in a wide range of organisational types and industries including new water      technologies, farming, health, hight tech manufacturing and property development.  During this time, Ingrid      has been involved with business and property acquisitions, due diligence, negotiating debt funding and other        agreements.  Carina Capital specialises in providing Corporate Advisory Services to business to facilitate      business growth and success.

   Ingrid is well placed to bring a wealth of experience and learning to your business and is passionate in the      desire to help businesses and people grow and achieve their maximum potential and experience the joy of      success.